Monday, October 31, 2011

Revlon Minted (Challenge Day 17: A Polish You Think is Overrated)

Happy Halloween!

While this challenge day didn't fall out on a particularly Halloween-y color, I think green may be a close third after orange and black as a color associated with today.

Either way, I think the whole mint green fad started by Essie last winter with Mint Candy Apple is a bit overrated.  The color is okay, but not super flattering on most people.  I don't think that I particularly suffer from "lobster hands" when I wear this color, but I don't really like it on me either.  In the photos (3 coats to avoid bald spots and streaks), Revlon Minted looks like it falls between seafoam and a light lime green.  A more green-leaning mint, this is a pretty good dupe for the Essie original.

I like this color, but I'm not sold on it.  Maybe for a scarf or something, but not necessarily for my nails.  I may just need to experiment with a different shade of mint/aqua in order to get on the mint green band wagon, but right now I'm adding this to my blog sale.  I'm hoping to try one more time with Prabal Gurung for Sally Hansen Green Tea.  We'll see how that goes.

Where do you stand on the mint green trend?


  1. I really like the whole mint trend...but it probably doesn't suit me :(

  2. I think you might have to experiment with the different shades. I'm planning on trying the Green Tea shade, but if you look better in bluer-leaning shades, Diamond Cosmetics makes a light aqua/mint called Oh, Tiff!

  3. It look nice on you, but I totally agree with you I went and bought Turquoise and Caicos by Essie and tried it on and was like Meh, not my cup of tea.

    And yes I did feel like I had diamonds on my nails with the gradient I loved it, you should def pick those two babies up they would look stunning with your skin tone :)

  4. This polish looks very pretty on your nails.