Thursday, October 20, 2011

Reminder: My 25 Follower Giveaway Closes October 23, Midnight EST

Just a quick reminder that my 25 Follower Giveaway closes Sunday, October 23 at midnight EST.  To enter and for rules, please enter here.  Remember that the winner gets a six-piece set of the Wet n Wild On the Prowl Collection!

Important note: I am really hesitant to exclude anyone from this giveaway.  I have made sure that even with certain half entries, I've tried to get enough information to give those people the extra places in the raffle.  Unfortunately, I can't reconcile GFC member prncesssarah02.  I really hope she's reading this because I don't have her email address! Please, please email me at so I will be able to enter you properly and contact you in case you win.  I thank everyone for their entries and following... I'm already thinking up ideas for my 75 Follower Giveaway!  

Feel free to comment if you have any ideas that people would enjoy for my next giveaway!

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