Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Milani Garnet Gems

Now this was an intriguing polish.  When I first applied it, I did so very lightly since I read on another blog that this has a tendency to pool and starts off sheer.  I was actually pretty confused when it started to shrink up on my nail, almost as if it was evaporating.  But after a second coat, it was completely evened out and I just added a third for good measure.  I can't explain the first coat situation other than think that maybe it just didn't jive well with the lotion I put on my hands before application.

What's really cool about this polish is that from afar it just looks like a browny-black (maybe very dark red?) polish that fits right into the fall/winter color palette.  Up close, this thing rocks!  Red glitter particles are literally floating in the jelly base, giving off that browny glow.  But they're not exactly glitter.  I can't explain.  I went a bit picture happy so feel free to use your own words to describe what you think this color is all about:


  1. Hi Amanda and welcome to the blogging community! This shade is really pretty; reminds me of CHina Glaze's Lubu Heels - it has that same multi-dimensional look, almost as though there's glass flecks trapped under the surface of the nail! PS: You have lovely nails! I wish you much success and fun with your blog!

  2. OMG! This is such a beautiful color! It reminds me of Vampires hehe! In a good way :)

  3. Eugenia, thanks for the welcome! That means a lot coming from you :)

    Nory, I love that you think that! I couldn't get into the whole Twilight/Vampire thing when it started (Edward who?), but I kinda dig the dark, vampy vibe that came out of it.