Thursday, October 6, 2011

Essie Lion Around

I was really looking forward to the Essie Resort Collection for 2011.  I bought the mini cube set with all four colors because I thought it was a really soft, delicate collection and also because it was inspired by South Africa, where I studied last summer.  However, was I surprised when the two colors I bought the four piece set for were the two colors I actually disliked the most (I'm looking at you Lion Around and Your Hut or Mine?).  Here's the meh light pink from this collection:

While my camera was able to pick up the pink and a little of the shimmer (and I still can't tell if it's bordering on grandma-frosty or not), in person, I feel like I'm suffering from mannequin hands.  Not a good look for a fairer girl.  Super blah and super disappointed.


  1. I have "your hut or mine" and it's ok. But "da bush" I was like what were you thinking with this name Essie LOL!

  2. Ha, I agree, Da Bush was a weird way to go. But I have to say I loved it on. No one else liked it on me though :(