Friday, October 28, 2011

Essie Fair Game (Challenge Day 13: A Polish that is Blue)

I really really love this color.  When I bought the mini cube set of Essie's Resort Collection 2011, it was largely because I couldn't decide if I wanted Your Hut or Mine? or Lion Around.  As you might have seen on my blog sale, these two colors just didn't jive with me.  Instead, I found myself loving Fair Game and Da Bush, two colors I really didn't think twice about.

Fair Game is a shimmer/frosty blue that is often mistaken for grey (happened twice to me already).  I still contend that this is a blue!  While not everyone loves frosty, this actually works with this shade of blue.  The biggest selling point for this bad boy is that it probably is the best applying Essie I own.  I find their jellies to sometimes be a bit watery, so this creme-base was really smooth to use.  This two coats.

Blue or grey?  You decide.

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