Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Color Club Give Me a Hint (Challenge Day 10: A Polish You Think is Boring)

Part of the reason why I find Give Me a Hint boring is because I had very high expectations.  I wanted this to be sort of a back up to Parlez-Vous OPI?.  As I said (I think?) in the post of that swatch, I looked high and low for that OPI and was super disappointed that it chips so easily (oh, OPI, when will fix your formula??).  Color Club, however, has pretty good wear time and is always a bit cheaper than OPI, so I was really excited when I saw this swatch from their Alter Ego collection back in late winter/early spring of this year.  I picked it up recently at my local Essentials.

But...this is not Parlez-Vous OPI.  Not in the least.  Yes, it does have a dusty, mauve-y quality that I tend to gravitate towards, but it lacks the lavender undertone that I think makes the OPI so unique.  Give Me a Hint is more browny-purple...bruple?  Whatever, this just disappoints, and I suppose, bores me.

This is three coats (what's up with me and the two coater bald spots lately?)

Not sure why I included so many pics for a color that I find boring, but what have you.  I'm a bit peeved that this photographs with flash very similar to Parlez-Vous OPI?  So if you think my earlier rant was ridiculous, please believe me that it's really not the same color.

What do you guys think?  Am I being mean to poor little Give Me a Hint?


  1. I really like that color! I haven't been able to find any Color Club around where I live. :(

  2. It reminds me of Rimmel's "Steel Grey" its not the most exciting color out there but it's pretty :)

  3. Shally, from what I've heard, Color Club is a NYC based brand so you may want to contact the manufacturer directly, or check out the store locator tab on their website: http://www.cosmeticgroup.com/nail-color-collections.html

    Nory, I've only seen Steel Grey in stores, and I've always thought it was a "meh" kinda color. I guess I can put Give Me a Hint on the cusp of the "meh" category.