Monday, October 24, 2011

Brucci Black Cherry (Challenge Day 9: A Polish that is Vampy)

While I know there are many a dupe out there for this color, for some reason Brucci Black Cherry just does it, you know?  I've gotten so many random comments on this polish and it just looks heavenly on my nails.  Vampy?  Yes!  

When I think vampy, my mind goes straight to 1920s speakeasies, flappers with short bobs, and dark nails signifying the underground vibe of the era.  There's just something super seductive about an almost black nail.  I think Black Cherry hits the spot there, straddling the line between deep blood red and an almost blackness that really makes me happy. 

While Brucci is one of my favorite brands of polish due to the hardeners in the formula, its relatively cheap price, and its growing selection of on trend colors, this one was a bit tricky.  The first time I wore this on my one year anniversary, it was gloppy and a pain to apply.  When I went to put this on this morning, I shook this bottle like crazy, hoping that the formula would un-gloop.  Luckily, it did!  Somewhat on the thicker side, I did get a few bald spots so this is three coats.

Sexy, right?

(FYI, the closest dupe to this is definitely Wet n Wild Buy Me a Drink from the On the Prowl Collection.  Zoya Jem is also in the same family.)


  1. Gorgeous color, I had never of Brucci. I have to find this brand.

  2. I have never heard of this brand before-but I just love this color and all vampy colors!

  3. It's so funny that you both have never heard of Brucci since I remember it being the brand they used to sell in dollar stores that came in grandma colors back in the day. Nowadays, they're more mainstream (yet still cost between $2-$4) and come in really awesome colors.

    I did some research and learned that Brucci is manufactured in NY (although the only official Brucci site is a South African one...go figure) so maybe that explains why they're not as widespread. I've seen them sold in Essentials and Rite Aid, and know that Sally Beauty sells them online as well.

    I hope that helps you ladies get your hands on these since it really is an awesome brand!

  4. This is pretty! Never heard of the brand either!

  5. My local pharmacy (not a chain, just a mom and pop kind of place) sells Brucci and it was the only nail polish I used when I was younger!  My nail polish obsession started when I was 12 or so and I only bought Brucci because they were $1.69 a bottle and I could afford it!  haha so cool to see Brucci somewhere else :)

  6.  It's a great brand and hopefully will become more widespread.  Unfortunately, as it's getting a bit more well known, its prices have been going up :(