Sunday, September 21, 2014

Zoya Ultra PixieDust for Fall 2014

Some more PixieDusts for Fall 2014! 

Take a look.

A deep pinky toned red jelly with crimson and magenta hex glitter for texture.  This dried to more of a juicy finish than the typical matte of other Pixies.  This was three coats.

A red-toned plum jelly with burgundy hex glitter for texture.  Again, this was definitely more juicy of a finish than matte, even more so than Arianna.  I even tried this out on two different occasions and noticed the same thing.  This was two coats.

A ruby red jelly with matching ruby hex glitter for texture.  Typical matte finish you've grown used to with PixieDusts.  This was two coats.

Zoya Ultra Pixies can be purchased for $10 a bottle by clicking here.


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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sally Hansen NYFW Designer Collaborations for Fall 2014

Sally Hansen has once again teamed up with the dream team of designers -- Tracy Reese, Rodarte, and Prabal Gurung -- to create fashion forward collaborative colors that were worn on the runways during NYFW during the Fall shows last Spring.  In addition to Sally Hansen's own Dark Romance Collection, I have a few of each to kick your autumn off to a great start!

Let's start with a fresh, clean pale nude from Prabal Gurung.  This pink-toned ivory creme was an absolute favorite of mine and applied cleanly and evenly in two perfect coats.  A definite must have for those that love nice, clean cremes.

Pink Dream
Layered over Himalaya, Rodarte's Pink Dream added a sweet iridescent glimmer to the soft underwear.  While called "pink," the base of this jelly is actually orange, however once on the nail, the jelly becomes invisible and the circle mylar and flakie microglitter just glow.  One thick coat for each of my nails for this.

A rich, deep raspberry pink/red, Prabal Gurung's Rhododendron just screamed autumnal.  On the nail, it had such a beautiful finish and sheen and I loved wearing this!  The only downside was the formula which wasn't self leveling and applied on the messier side; I love the CSM prowide brush, but with Rhododendron, it just wouldn't cooperate and I ended up with red everywhere at the end of this manicure.  This took 3 coats to even everything out but a steadier hand could probably get away with 2.

Chili Flakes
Layered over Rhododendron, Tracy Reese's Chili Flakes are so aptly named!  Shards of copper, gold, and red metallic glitter in a clear jelly base look like fire over a red base.  While not my favorite type of glitter, there's something unique about this that spoke to me.  Only one coat was necessary here, with minimal dabbing.

Dark Knight
From Sally Hansen's Dark Romance Collection, Dark Knight is a lovely deep navy creme with a shiny finish.  Is it unique?  Not at all.  But if you're looking for a navy and you don't currently have one, this is a very suitable option. 2 coats here.

Shattered Stars
Tracy Reese once more used the shard glitter to create this silver topper that I layered over Dark Knight.  Personally, I think this glitter looks more like shattered mirrors than shattered stars but I like how over the dark navy it had a nighttime sky-like feel.  Only one coat of this, again minimal dabbing needed.

Ever Green
I love a good hunter green creme and was excited to test out Ever Green (released in the Fall collections from Sally Hansen although I'm still waiting on confirmation from my SH press rep what collection this is actually from).  As a creme, this applied beautifully and evenly in two coats.  The color, however, was not quite as hunter as I would've hoped.  Instead there was an olive undertone that made Ever Green stand out among my other deep emerald cremes.  

Golden Rust
I thought I'd conclude with Rodarte's Golden Rust, a polish unlike any I have ever seen.  Sitting in a deep amber jelly, Golden Rust is comprised of multi-sized hex glitter in gold, pink gold, and copper.  The color shift of the glitter is really dependent in how deeply it sits in the amber base, which only adds an additional dimension to this polish.  I'm sure this would look great layered, but sitting on its own at 3 coats really allows you to absorb how complex this autumn glitter is.

The Designer Collaborative Series are Limited Edition and currently available wherever Sally Hansen is sold.


This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: Accent Nail

Inspired by Morie's Nail Art manicure, I decided to replicate her use of Sinful Colors Super Star over a navy with my Twinsie Tuesday accent nail post.

I began with China Glaze Queen B, a deep blurple creme from last year's fall collection.  I must say I was super disappointed with this; while the color is divine, the brush was so thin that application was a horrible mess.  Just look at how uneven my cuticle line is!  And the more I tried to clean it up, the worse it got.  Such a shame.

To accent it, I used the Sinful Colors glitter, a blue jelly with blue and lavender flake-like glitter.  While Queen B was a disappointing horror, Super Star was an absolute gem of a polish, applying super smoothly and evenly and didn't even need top coat for a smooth glossy finish!  It also worked so well with the blurple creme that it didn't really look like much of an accent when I first applied it.  I tried two more coats to see if it would pop more, but as you see, it's still a very subtle accent.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Meisi, the winner of my Fall Giveaway!

She has been emailed and if I don't hear back within 48 hours, another winner will be selected.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Colores de Carol When the Planets Align Collection

I'm so excited to show you the When the Planets Align Collection from blogger and indie maker Colores de Carol.  This collection consists of 7 milky topcoats that provide a soft duochrome and holographic shimmer layered over a dark creme.  All swatches are one coat over one coat of a black creme.

Venus absolutely stole my heart.  A purple to blue shift, the glistening of holo really made this look like a little galaxy on my nails!

A blue to green shift, Jupiter is bit milkier than most of the others in this collection making it slightly less self leveling and thus a bit uneven over the black.  However the holographic shimmer is breathtaking!

I love that Earth is a green to brown shift -- just so perfect!  This reminds me of a more complex Brucci Black Emerald, with a stronger green tone and shimmer.

The red planet, this red to purple shift is absolutely magical!  One of the most self leveling of the septet, the brown undertone worked best at masking the black underwear to look like one seamless polish.

Very similar to Mars, Mercury shares the same reddish brown to purple shift.  A tad bit lighter, this works just as beautifully with the black to create an absolutely perfect manicure.

As much as I wanted to love Neptune, I just couldn't make it look right over the black.  It kept shrinking and the more evening out I tried, gave it more of a frosty look.  I reswatched this a few times before I had to just apply one thick coat that I had to quickly spread over the nail (these babies dry quickly!) to avoid too much unevenness or brushstroke lines.

A purple to blue to green shift, Pluto did the same thing that Neptune did in shrinking and applying unevenly (you can see that best on my pinkie and middle finger).  Such a shame because the color of this is absolutely mesmerizing!

You can purchase When the Planets Align Collection and other Colores de Carol polish by clicking here.


This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.