Saturday, July 4, 2015

Summer Shades, Week 1: Peachy Pinks | Cirque Sunset Park (reswatch)

And my final Peachy Pink polish is another glossy stunner: Cirque Sunset Park.  Previously reviewed here as park of the Nordstrom Pop-In Collection, Sunset Park is also a shade from the Metropolis Collection.  A coral crelly, the tropical pink undertones really keep this shade fresh and fun and perfect for summer.  The formula is spot on and dries to a high shine.  I'm so happy to end my week of peachy pinks with this glorious Cirque polish.

So there you have it!  My first week of peachy pinks complete.  Now, who's ready for some Pistachio Mints??


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Summer Shades, Week 1: Peachy Pinks | ncLA Bikinis & Martinis (reswatch)

Happy Fourth of July, my fellow American readers!  Hope you're all enjoying a happy and safe Independence Day!

To end my first week of Summer Shades, the Peachy Pinks, I have two reswatches.  First up is ncLA Bikinis & Martinis (previously swatched here) of the Swim Club Collection from Summer 2015.  A pinky peach crelly, this color really shifts depending on who wears it; on me, it's a definite delicate pink but I've seen swatches of this with more punch of those with more of a tan.  Either way, you can't go wrong with such a pretty, girly shade!

The formula is a tad runny but just be gentle and you'll have an easy, glossy mani in three easy coats.

Okay, so only one more for this week -- who's excited?  Stay tuned!


Friday, July 3, 2015

Celebrate Independence Day with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

I'm excited to show a little nail art skittle I did for the Fourth of July using 3 Insta-Dri polishes from Sally Hansen.  I began from index to pinkie using:
Vandal Eyes - a sky/cornflower blue crelly.  Formula super watery and tends to pool towards the cuticles so apply very thinly and wait between coats.
Quick Brick - a reformulation of an earlier shade, this is a truer classic red creme that applies perfectly in two coats.
Tag, Ur It! - a chalk white creme, applied on both my ring and pinkie.  Not the best white I've ever used but not the worst either and needs at least three coats to level out the streaks.

To jazz up my skittle, I dry brushed Quick Brick and Vandal Eyes in opposited directions on my ring finger.  Unfortunately, because of how watery Vandal Eyes is, despite wiping down my paddle, it looked more watermarked over Quick Brick than the intended dry brush effect.  However, I do kinda think it looks a bit like fireworks so I'm not entirely upset with the end result.

For some added patriotism, I applied a blue, silver, and pink (sorry, didn't have a red!) star studs (from Born Pretty Store) on my pinkie.  Had I thought it out, I would've had the dry brush effect coming out of the stars but alas, they were applied and dried first.  Regardless,  I must say I'm impressed with the simplicity of this.

Do you think I did Sally proud?

What will you be wearing on your nails tomorrow to celebrate America's Independence Day?  (Non-Americans, what will you be wearing anyway? :)


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Summer Shades, Week 1: Peachy Pinks | Bonita Sweet Cheeks

Oops!  Totally forgot to post Day 5 of my Peachy Pinks for this week's Summer Shades.  For shame!  (Don't worry, I'll make up for it with an additional 4th of July mani up later this evening!)

Similar in tone to Color Club Seal It With a Kiss, Bonita Sweet Cheeks, is a medium pink-toned coral creme with a fabulous formula and glossy finish to boot.  This took 2 easy coats for full coverage!  I picked up quite a few of the polishes from this collection (Love Story?  Fairy Tales?  Something like that...?) and while they're from Spring, I'm only now trying them out and loving them!  But don't be dismayed: I've still seen this display at multiple Rite Aids lately even though I bought this back in May.

I've tried quite a few Bonita polishes now and I must say, I'm mightily impressed.  For the price especially, these are turning out to be quite the showstoppers.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

SinfulColors Having a Blast Collection | July 4, 2015

To celebrate Independence Day, SinfulColors has released a collection of Fourth-inspired hues to spark your holiday mani!

I chose to do a skittle with the colors:
Ruby Ruby - a cherry red jelly (index)
Hot Spot - a semi-metallic, shimmery navy (middle)
Out of this World - a silver pearl jelly (ring)
Star Blast Off - a glitter topper of red, blue, and white circle glitter with some star pieces mixed in this slightly red jelly base (layered over Out of this World)
Snow Me White - a classic white creme (pinkie)

Ruby Ruby, Hot Spot, and Snow Me White are the best of the bunch, easy to apply and wearable colors.  Out of this World was a horrible mess, pooling everywhere and leaving shimmery remnants in its wake.  I was also disappointed in Star Blast Off.  The red jelly did not apply evenly and left a weird sluggish trail on the nail.  The glitters were also not cooperative and despite manually placing them, they slid off in the slug sludge base.  Yeah, not a fan.

SinfulColors is available online, Walgreens, Target, and wherever else SinfulColors nail polishes are sold.

For more information, please visit the SinfulColors social media pages:
Web |  Facebook |  Twitter |  Instagram


This product was provided for my honest, unbiased review.  Please see my PR Disclosure Policy for more information.

Summer Shades, Week 1: Peachy Pinks | Color Club Hot-Hot-Hot Pants

Wednesday!  That means I'm at four days of success posting my Summer Shades edition of Peachy Pinks!  Yay, me!

Today, I have another Color Club (seems to be a killer year for them).  Hot-Hot-Hot Pants is from the Pastel Neon Collection from this spring.  I picked up a number of these babies and am totally a fan.  I've read multiple reviews of this collection and while the formula tends to be the broadest topic of discussion, knowing that going in, I found application fairly easy.  Thin, multiple coats applied delicately are all you need to avoid chalky patchiness or that weird crepe-y-ness that chalky pastels often create arounnd the cuticle line.

This was 3 coats.  Isn't this bleached peachy pink neon pastel a beaute?

I received many compliments while wearing this color and loved how it made me look kinda tan (if that's even possible for me to appear tan).  Can't wait to show you the rest of this collection!